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My Trip to Kabir Vad

At Kabir Vad



We leave early morning for a whole day picnic at Kabir Vad.  With all the family togerher, we are making our day good.  Everybody is very happy.  This is me when we just arrive 1 hour ago.  A little bit tiring for driving, but it’s really fun.  It’s a Digenstive Health Day today, so we are more or less celebrating it too.  It’s a good place there and the air is fresh, that’s why everyone are enjoying.

Free Medical Camp@ manavparivar matar-

at matar

This was taken to Matar.  This people were all waiting to have their turn to give some medications.  There’s a trace in their face that, even their turn will take sometime…still you see the calmness of their faces.  At the end of the day, all of them will have the same happy face.  With the smile of their faces, that’s enough…..or even more than enough for a thank you. 

Dhyaan’s 1st Birthday

Dhyaan’s Birthday



Nice Pink



She loves me, she loves me not!   That’s is usually done by a young lovers.  It’s really nice to think that this kind of nature has a reason to bloom.  It has many things to do.  Like for me, I love to offer flowers to my mother.  Flower is a symbol of woman. 

The Sun


Each day the sun comes up

And smiles on everyone,

I say to him,

“Good morning, Sun,’

He says to me, “Have some fun!”

Then later in the afternoon

After my work,

The sunshine slowly fades always

I say to him, “Thank you,

Dear Sun, for giving me

A very happy day.”  J

For You Mom


Nature (Trees)



Nature is like a tall tree

Swaying and singing in glee

When you look at it

It’s just like a dazzling sea

Which I always love to see.

Unexpected Incident


Good morning friends.  You notice that Shivam has a bandage in his foot.  We attended the wedding and he is playing with some other kids.  They jumped a lot.  He miscalculate his jump.  He got a fractured in his feet.  But it will be ok now.  The doctor said it will take only few days and the fracture will be healed.  When we are still a kid, things happened unexpectedly.  That’s part of a growing kid.

Waving Goodbye…


It’s nice to dream.  Because in our dream we can do anything and everything we want.  In our dream we can be happy even if we are not.  We can be sad even if we don’t want.  We can say hello and we can say goodbye to anyone.  When you dreamed of saying goodbye in a happy way with the person you knew, it indicates a happy occasion  and a happy moment.  But when you dreamed in a gloomy situation of saying goodbye it indicates that the person might experience a sad moment and a death of someone you love.

Photo courtesy:  flickr

Sleeping Cats



Cats dedicate their

Lives to dozing,


Stretched out like pulled

Gum before the gas fire,


Parceled up, legs folded

Away like stored tent pole,


Tail tucked under, slitted eyes

Watching what will happen nest,


Curled into doughnuts on doorsteps,

On walls and windows ledges,


Drowsing, too hot to purr,

In smelted sunlight,


Snoozing, half-awake,

Murpling in ecstasy on lazy laps,


Or lying heavy as bags of

Cement on warm beds


In the murk of night,

Deeply asleep for once.


Like Eskimos with all

Their words of whiteness,


Cats have dozens of

Different ways of sleeping.


Photo courtesy:  thenewbuzzbot