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Sunlight in the Tree

Big Trees

 Sun that shines the tree in Manav Parivar,Matar.

Greenfield @ Matar

Greenfield @ Matar

A pieceful and quiet view with a nature is one of my favorite things to do.  I love to stay in this kind of place.  Looking at the surroundings, listening to every sound of animals.  it’s like a music to my ears.  A tree that swaying because of the fresh air that blew on it.  I hope this nature will stay as nice as it is forever.

Lots of Green!

Dhirendra Patel_Ambaji Trip_050908 (100)

Look at this green surrounding.  It’s beautiful.  It’s nice to stay there when you want to be alone and think.  So peaceful, so quiet.  The trees were just standing there, waiting to the air for them to swing.  The plants which you can see, so green, too much   blossom.  You should try to visit this place.   I recommend that to you.  It’s really a nice place.  It’s the Ambaji, India