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Cool Area

Resting Time


Cool area at the Kanij with relatives and friends.

Green Leaves of Tree in Manav Parivar

Cool Shade Area


The shade of trees outside the Manavparivar.  The trees where people are  waiting to cool them under the heat of the sun. 

Go, Go Green . . . Let’s Keep It Clean!

Green Nature


Green nature which I love most.   Wanted to feel the cool breeze of the fresh air.  Let’s keep our nature green.  Not only human will benefit on it.  Even all the living things around the place.  I LOVE GREEN!

Good Times @ Baroda

Dhirendra's Morning Walk

A bright sunny morning at Baroda.   My morning walk with my son, my brother and his daughter at my back.  We enjoyed a lot while walking and at the same time it’s a good exercise.  You will have a good body condition.  You should try it.

My space @ Matar

Dhirendra @ my space

Dhirendra @ my space

This is were the place I stayed wherever I have free time and doing nothing.  I feel so relaxed here while looking at the green nature around.  The trees that are swaying, the birds that are flying, the blue sky above, the animals that roam around the place.  So simple life there and yet so good feelings I felt there.  Even I am a busy person, I really wanted  that kind in times of my life.