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All set to go!

Dhyaan Patel

My youngest son Dhyaan was all set to go outside for some fun.  He was wearing his play clothes.  I’m taking him to a playground.  I want to have some moment with my son as much as I can.

Shivam @ Wedding Celebration

Shivam Patel at Wedding Celebration

Shivam was having a nice pose in the wedding celebration we attended.  He loves to do a different posing.

Fun Ride!

Dhyaan in a Motorbike

 Dhyaan was having fun riding my motorbike.  He always ride on the bike whenever he see that. 


A Young Volunteer


You can see a young volunteer, who is doing his work at Manav Parivar.


Dhyaan see to it the he sweep all the dust to make it clean.



Dhyaan is a little scared to step on the stairs but he really wanted to make the place very clean.  So he just reached the dust by laying  on his back.



At last, Dhyaan reached all the dust and dirt.  So he is ready to go to another place where he will again do what he did here.