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A bucket full of food

Buckets of Food

Buckets of Food


A bucket full of food.  This will be given to poor people.  This is the way we help others by sharing what graces which God gave us.  We made sure that it will be in order before we distribute it to the poor.

For many poor people this will help a lot for their at least on meal.  It’s a good feeling to share out what we have.  You can see the faces of each and everyone while accepting what we have for them.  They may not say “thank you”, the smile that they showed was more than the word thank you. 

Dhirendra @ Guru Chemist



After my delivering of food with the help of my office volunteers, I went there to our medical store just to visit the people there.  I have with me is my brother and the helper there. This is our Medical Store.  It was named under my Guru.  It’s a Guru Chemist Medical Store.   As we are not only after the income of that medical store, we are also giving our humanitarian help to others.  We are very merciful  to others specially those who are poor.  We love to help others.  I believe that money is not all in this world.  We have to live for others also.

Bunch of needy people for a help