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Happy Birthday to Dhyaan Patel-May22-2010

Dhyaan Patel

Happy Birthday 2 my son Dhyaan

Shivam’s Volunteering Work

Volunteer Shivam @ Manav Parivar in Matar

These are pictures of Shivam.  He is doing volunteering. He was having an examination in the morning of January 30.  But as he finish his study, he joined with me and did the volunteering.  He helped one of the volunteer there.  He is sweeping that time, while the other volunteers paint some areas there.

A Moment with Shivam

Dhirendra and Shivam

A nice shot of me and my son Shivam.  This was the moment I’ve been waiting all the time.  To have a bonding moment with my son.  It’s a great feeling to be a father.