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At Kabir Vad


When we arrived the place, one of my nephew take Dhyaan near the carabao.  As you can see he is not afraid of that animal.  He is just staring at it.  Having pleasure to see those animals.



When we first arrive the place, I went around looking at the place.  And really it was nice.  I saw the carabaos (kind of animals that used by the farmers to plant rice) under the tree.  They are just standing there.  that’s why I did take a nice shot of them.



Not far from the tree where the carabaos was staying, I have my picture taken there.  The sun shines bright, that’s why I wear that hat.  The other picture was taken just before few steps near that trees.  The thing there at my back is a dried leaves of a coconut tree which they made like a design, instead of a stone or brick.  Cool Place.



This is the River Narmada.  It’s a quiet place, where people are living.  It’s a big river.  And as you notice even the water were quiet.  It’s a good thing to watch.  You got to see for yourself.