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Dhirendra Patel

Dhirendra Patael a Decent, happy and mature men. Father of two sons shivam patel and dhyaan patel.

A Happy Man Dhirendra Patel

A Happy Man Dhirendra Patel

Picture of the day


Dhirendra is going to talk on Picture of day. Dhirendra will talk on one picture each day here and we will share the life. Look at picture below first.



This picture is of Gujarati Garba or Amdavadi Garba. Gujarati Garba is the parts of 9 day dance festival which are continue right now in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

The center circle area which is having a top like pyramid is the Temple or the holy area. It’s covered with yellow thread too. So, unauthorized person don’t enter that holy area. The male and female are in circle. They are playing garba and it goes that way.