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Encounter Specialist: Vijay Salaskar


My tribute to Encounter Specialist Bravo Mr. Vijay Salaskar

Vijay Salaskar was killed in Mumbai terrorist attacks on November 27th at Metro Cinema. I like to write a note on Mr.Vijay Salaskar and want to give my tribute to him for his brave and excellent life he live for our country.

With Tuesday’s encounter, the number of criminals shot dead by inspector Vijay Salaskar touched 78. Salaskar, who was reportedly sidelined for the last two years for unearthing the gutka-underworld nexus, was recently attached to the crime branch, where he currently heads the anti-extortion cell. An officer of the 1983 batch, Salaskar in his 24 years of service has eliminated many criminals. Amar Naik, Jaggu Shetty, Sadhu Shetty, Kundan Singh Rawat, Zahoor Makhanda are some of the gangsters who have fallen to Salaskar’s bullets.