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Dhyaan Patel @ matar

Dhyaan Patel

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-1

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-2

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-3

Read my face!

Smiling Face


Look in the mirror and notice your expression.  Have you notice any in me? 🙂  Keep smiling

A Closer Look

Dhirendra @ Matar

 After taken our lunch, I’m just resting for some time before the resumption of the medical camp service at Matar.


Keep Smiling


Dhirendra's Smile

A Smile in Your Heart

Dhirendra @ the Office

I took a shoot of me to greet you ” A HAPPY DAY ” with a good smile.

Early Morning Smile

Dhiredra Patel in Early Morning Smile

 A morning smile makes your day worthwhile.  Keep on smiling!

A Moment with Shivam

Dhirendra and Shivam

A nice shot of me and my son Shivam.  This was the moment I’ve been waiting all the time.  To have a bonding moment with my son.  It’s a great feeling to be a father.

After Morning Walk!

Dhirendra after morning walk

Every morning I see to it that i have my daily routine.  My morning walk.  It’s a good exercise for and and also for the heart.  Burn fats more while walking and at the same time looking at the surroundings while passing by.  Be always your habit to do exercise.  It will keep you fit.

With a smile … Dhirendra


Dhirendra Patel

 A day that starts with  a smile …… ends with a smile!  Good day to everyone


Dhirendra in formal look



A Happy Diwali wish from Dhirendra

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali


Good wishes for a joyous Diwali
and a Happy New Year
with a Plenty of Peace and Prosperity.

Morning Smile

Smiling Dhirendra

Smiling Dhirendra

 Morning smile make the day worthwhile.  GOOD MORNING everyone!

Do you know him?

Good morning friends.  I was looking at the photo album which was kept in my drawer.  I just remeber those days.  Life is so simple and problem free that time.  I thought of a poem which my son showed me.  It’s a nice one.  Let me tell you what the story told. 
The Boy Who Never Told a Lie

Little Boy Dhirendra

Once there was a little boy,
With straight hair and plesant eyes
A boy who always tells the truth
And never, told a lie.
And when he trotted off to school
The children would all cry,
“There goes the straight-haired boy
The boy who never tells a lie.”
And everybody loved him so,
Because he is always true
That every day as he grew up
It was said,
“There goes the honest youth”
And when the people who stood near
Would turn to ask the reason why
The answer would always be this:
“Because he never tells a lie.”
The poem reminds me of myself. I want my two sons to grow and learn the way which I’ve learned from my parents.
Do you know this little boy?

It’s me . . . Dhirendra !


My space @ Matar

Dhirendra @ my space

Dhirendra @ my space

This is were the place I stayed wherever I have free time and doing nothing.  I feel so relaxed here while looking at the green nature around.  The trees that are swaying, the birds that are flying, the blue sky above, the animals that roam around the place.  So simple life there and yet so good feelings I felt there.  Even I am a busy person, I really wanted  that kind in times of my life.

Shivam-Rishi Patel in Traditional Garba Cloths

Shivam_Riship_Traditional Garba Cloths_220909

Dhirendra@free medical camp. matar

D at matar


I manage to take picture before the start of the activities here at Matar.  We shall start our operation here as early as possible as there are a lot of people waiting.  I checked everything if it is properly prepared for the consistency of the flow of the operation.  Once we start the activities it should be continuous, no interruptions or anything.  For us there, time is gold.  I made sure that everything is in order.  It’s a good feeling even It’s tiring to do this kind of charity work.  I should leave you for now, because we’re going to start the activities here.

Dhirendra @ Guru Chemist



After my delivering of food with the help of my office volunteers, I went there to our medical store just to visit the people there.  I have with me is my brother and the helper there. This is our Medical Store.  It was named under my Guru.  It’s a Guru Chemist Medical Store.   As we are not only after the income of that medical store, we are also giving our humanitarian help to others.  We are very merciful  to others specially those who are poor.  We love to help others.  I believe that money is not all in this world.  We have to live for others also.

Our Value Time


I have no much activities last Sunday, that’s why I had my time to take a look again the pictures I had with Shivam and Dhyaan.  I still remember those time that we are having a nice and quality time.  It was a nice day for me and to my two son Shivam and Dhyaan.  As much as I have my free time, I make the most out of them.   I had my most valued time.  I love them.

At Kabir Vad



We leave early morning for a whole day picnic at Kabir Vad.  With all the family togerher, we are making our day good.  Everybody is very happy.  This is me when we just arrive 1 hour ago.  A little bit tiring for driving, but it’s really fun.  It’s a Digenstive Health Day today, so we are more or less celebrating it too.  It’s a good place there and the air is fresh, that’s why everyone are enjoying.