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Dhyaan Patel @ matar

Dhyaan Patel

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-1

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-2

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-3

Child in Ponytail

Little Child


 Dhyaan feels relax in this chair.  Look how he pose nicely.

Little Biker

Small Kid

Playful child Dhyaan is enjoying his ride with his Dad’s motorbike.  He thinks he can make it move :D.  Look at his face, it seems he is asking how it will work.  Children are always like that.  They seems to get aware of everything.  They dont bother if they will get hurt.  That is called “AWARENESS”.  Kids are always like that.  Good for them!

Mother Knows Best

Kajal and Dhyaan Patel

Walking Alone

Dhyaan Patel

Little kid Dhyaan was having fun walking in this rice field.  He enjoyed a lot even he is alone.  Walking alone and feeling alone in nature watching will not feel you boredom.  Nature is great.

Two Kids in a Motorbike

Shivam and Dhyaan

 Happy kids riding in a motorbike!

Playing Alone

Playing Child

Dhyaan was playing by himself.  But he don’t mind a thing.  He is enjoying even he don’t have playmates. 

Happy together at the door step

Kids at the door step

Shivam and Dhyaan are enjoying their moment being together in the door step.  Very close to each other.

Happy Birthday Dhyaan

Dhyaan Patel's Birthday

 It’s special day for Dhyaan.  It’s his 2nd year birthday.  I wish him more birthdays to come!

Happy Birthday to Dhyaan Patel-May22-2010

Dhyaan Patel

Happy Birthday 2 my son Dhyaan

The Karati Kid

Karati Kid in a Box


Dhyaan is playing with his cousins.  He pose like a karati kid.  🙂

Dhyaan at Manav Parivar

Playing Kid Dhyaan Patel

 Dhyaan is playing by himself when he was at Manav Parivar.  He was not a problematic kid by his parents when they were all there.  He just played there while their parents are one of the volunteer.  

1, 2, 3 . . . . Say cheeseeeeeeeeee!

Dhirendra, Shivam and Dhyaan together



Shivam and Dhyaan Patel

Sivam and Dhyaan Patel

No amount of money can buy my two precious gem.  The moment they smiled at me, all my tiredness day just pass away easily. 

Dhirendra and Dhyaan

Dhirendra and Dhyaan Patel


Those days with my son Dhyaan Patel.

Reason to be happy

Youngest Son Dhyaan Patel

All set to go!

Dhyaan Patel

My youngest son Dhyaan was all set to go outside for some fun.  He was wearing his play clothes.  I’m taking him to a playground.  I want to have some moment with my son as much as I can.

A Young Volunteer


You can see a young volunteer, who is doing his work at Manav Parivar.


Dhyaan see to it the he sweep all the dust to make it clean.



Dhyaan is a little scared to step on the stairs but he really wanted to make the place very clean.  So he just reached the dust by laying  on his back.



At last, Dhyaan reached all the dust and dirt.  So he is ready to go to another place where he will again do what he did here.

Music Lover

Dhyaan Patel

Dhyaan enjoyed listening to music.  Whenever he listens, he don’t want anybody to disturb him.   With his facial expression, you can say that he got pleasure from what he is doing.