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Dhyaan Patel @ matar

Dhyaan Patel

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-1

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-2

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-3

Dhyaan’s Fancy Dress

Dhyaan Patel


Dhyaan was one of the participant who joined the Fancy Dress Event.


Kids riding in a Merry-go-round

Shivam and Dhyaan are so playful.  They play with another kid while they are all riding in a merry-go-round.

Happy Birthday to Dhyaan Patel-May22-2010

Dhyaan Patel

Happy Birthday 2 my son Dhyaan

Fun Ride!

Dhyaan in a Motorbike

 Dhyaan was having fun riding my motorbike.  He always ride on the bike whenever he see that. 


Thank You, Lord

Dhyaan Thanking the Lord

Dhyaan Thanking the Lord

Thank you; Lord, for my parents dear

For all my loved ones far and near;

Thank you for my brothers and sisters

And for all the help I get from others;

For my country, Lord, I thank you, too.

And for my friends all tried and true;of the sun

And thank you, Lord, for the heat

For the light of the moon, for all the fun;

For all the beautiful things around me

The mountains, rivers, birds, the sights I see;

And above all, Lord, for Your life which You gave

For the pain You endured that all may be saved.


I was reading this poem about thanking the Lord.  It was a nice words to feel.  My thought of sharing this with you is to be aware that we should all thank our God for the graces He gave us.  He don’t get tired of giving us all the blessings we receive.  All we have to do is just say a simple word . . . “Thank you, Lord

Eldest and Youngest


My eldest son Shivam and my youngest son Dhyaan visited me in my office.  As it was Saturday and the have no school.  Whenever there are times my 2 son wanted to be with him, I let them visit me.  They stayed only for few minutes as Dhyaan wants to play with his new laptop which I brought for him. 

New laptop


Standing . . . sitting, doesn’t matter to Dhyaan as long as he can play with his new laptop toy.  Typical child playing.  Good to see him enjoying with his play toy.

With a smile!

Dhyaan_270209 (4)

One nice smile keeps the whole day worthwhile.

Fresh looking Dhyaan


Hello everyone.  Look at Dhyaan in this picture.  After his bath, we took a picture of him.  He always wanted him to take him a picture thast’s why everytime he make his good posing.  He looks cute.

Our Value Time


I have no much activities last Sunday, that’s why I had my time to take a look again the pictures I had with Shivam and Dhyaan.  I still remember those time that we are having a nice and quality time.  It was a nice day for me and to my two son Shivam and Dhyaan.  As much as I have my free time, I make the most out of them.   I had my most valued time.  I love them.

At Kabir Vad


When we arrived the place, one of my nephew take Dhyaan near the carabao.  As you can see he is not afraid of that animal.  He is just staring at it.  Having pleasure to see those animals.



When we first arrive the place, I went around looking at the place.  And really it was nice.  I saw the carabaos (kind of animals that used by the farmers to plant rice) under the tree.  They are just standing there.  that’s why I did take a nice shot of them.



Not far from the tree where the carabaos was staying, I have my picture taken there.  The sun shines bright, that’s why I wear that hat.  The other picture was taken just before few steps near that trees.  The thing there at my back is a dried leaves of a coconut tree which they made like a design, instead of a stone or brick.  Cool Place.



This is the River Narmada.  It’s a quiet place, where people are living.  It’s a big river.  And as you notice even the water were quiet.  It’s a good thing to watch.  You got to see for yourself.


Dhyaan’s 1st Birthday

Dhyaan’s Birthday



Dhyaan with Stick


Dhyaan Dhirendra patel with grand papa’s stick in his hand. Showing his dad and saying that Dad I am your controller.

Wedding Day




Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel on December 1, 2008. He is in vadodara. Look how happy he is!