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Dhirendra and Dhyaan

Dhirendra and Dhyaan Patel


Those days with my son Dhyaan Patel.

A Moment with Shivam

Dhirendra and Shivam

A nice shot of me and my son Shivam.  This was the moment I’ve been waiting all the time.  To have a bonding moment with my son.  It’s a great feeling to be a father.

Dhirendra and Shivam

Father and Son

 Moment with my son Shivam while we were at Matar.  Time is very precious to me.  And when I have that, I made sure that I am with my family specially my son.

Three Boys

Three Boys

Patel Boys

A collection of pictures of the three of us  … Shivam Patel, Dhirendra Patel and Dhyaan Patel.  Hope you like our looks.  Have a great day!  🙂

Dad . . . It’s For You!

Father's Day

” Happy Father’s Day to All Father! “


Our Value Time


I have no much activities last Sunday, that’s why I had my time to take a look again the pictures I had with Shivam and Dhyaan.  I still remember those time that we are having a nice and quality time.  It was a nice day for me and to my two son Shivam and Dhyaan.  As much as I have my free time, I make the most out of them.   I had my most valued time.  I love them.