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Golden Silence

Praying Time

When we are faced with seemingly impossible problems and conflicts, silence is golden.  It gives God a chance to work in our hearts.  It provides space for anger, bitterness, and hard feelings to subside and mellow.  Most important, it allows us to seek God’s trusting silence, meditation, and prayer, we are ready to move towards conflict resolution.  And often, after this time of “fasting” from words and “feasting” on God’s words, we find that the walls of anger and bitterness come tumbling down.

Safe Forever

Loved One

In our life we will experience sickness, accidents, sorrow, and death.  But we are not on our own.  God is in control.  Many are the sufferings of the good, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.  We can be confident that one day we will be safe with Him forever.

Little Concern

Quiet Place

The future can be a scary place.  The unknown can be overwhelming, especially when the known has so many struggles.  That’s why we need to trust in what God has promised.

No matter what situation we’ll face, we can depend on God’s promise of help.  Those are great promises to depend on when we start to worry about the future, whether it’s ours or the next generation’s.

Extreme Generosity

Cancer Patient Hospital

Even if we’re not wealthy, God has called us to extreme generosity.  We can share what we do have and be rich in good deeds.  If we have a generous attitude about money, we are much more likely to be generous in other matters concerning the Lord’s people and His work.


God's Creation

Loving the nature is like loving our God.  He created everything.  He made the nature for all of us.  We should love and care for the nature.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Farm Field


 God gave us eyes to see them,

And lips that we might tell

How great is God Almighty,

Who has made all things well.


Walk with God

Hand made photo

Walk with God and everything will be okey.  Have faith in Him and trust Him.  Do your best and God will do the rest in your life.

A bucket full of food

Buckets of Food

Buckets of Food


A bucket full of food.  This will be given to poor people.  This is the way we help others by sharing what graces which God gave us.  We made sure that it will be in order before we distribute it to the poor.

For many poor people this will help a lot for their at least on meal.  It’s a good feeling to share out what we have.  You can see the faces of each and everyone while accepting what we have for them.  They may not say “thank you”, the smile that they showed was more than the word thank you. 

My Breathing Space

At Matar

At Matar

You see the empty space there.  No one notices, no one bothers to be there as it is so empty. You may say that,  and you may really feel it.  But for me that’s the best place.  The place where I can do a lot of thinking that no one bothers.  Good  and bad things,  happy and sorrowful moment, hard and easy times of my life.  That’s the kind of place where to commune with my own self when I am there.  The place where I can try to talk to my God while looking at the sky.  We all know that God is everywhere.  We can say things to Him wherever we are.  This place is so peaceful that I can say it leads me to my God.  My favorite place when I am at Matar.  My breathing space.

Keeping It Real

God Praying

In the best moments of our prayers, we are both honest with God about what we want and clear in our understanding that God may or may not give it to us.  Praying won’t necessary resolve your worrying concerns, but it will help you identity them and keep them in view.  The first obligation is that you be honest with yourself. 

Prayer is cooperation with God, a consent that opens the way for grace to work.  But a God who simply answered all of our prayers without question bears more similar to a child’s idea of Santa Clause than to the huge and immeasurable force God is.