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Rice Field @ Matar

Tall corn plant


Almost ready to harvest rice in this cornfield.  How good nature it is!

Catch a Glimpse of Green

At Manav Parivar

 A place where you would want to stay and have a cool day at Manav Parivar.  Green tall trees and green blossom plants were also found there, that made the place so relaxing to stay with.

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday To Mom


Happy Birthday Mom. My Mom Turn 70 today. We all love you.

Nature @ Matar

Nature @ Matar

A tree in bloom, that you see picture.  Upon the tree when you come near, you may hear a pollened bee, a singing birds so loud with words.  A tall grass that sway together with the blow of the air.  My day is complete when I’m watching the nature.

Go, Go Green . . . Let’s Keep It Clean!

Green Nature


Green nature which I love most.   Wanted to feel the cool breeze of the fresh air.  Let’s keep our nature green.  Not only human will benefit on it.  Even all the living things around the place.  I LOVE GREEN!

My space @ Matar

Dhirendra @ my space

Dhirendra @ my space

This is were the place I stayed wherever I have free time and doing nothing.  I feel so relaxed here while looking at the green nature around.  The trees that are swaying, the birds that are flying, the blue sky above, the animals that roam around the place.  So simple life there and yet so good feelings I felt there.  Even I am a busy person, I really wanted  that kind in times of my life.

Lots of Green!

Dhirendra Patel_Ambaji Trip_050908 (100)

Look at this green surrounding.  It’s beautiful.  It’s nice to stay there when you want to be alone and think.  So peaceful, so quiet.  The trees were just standing there, waiting to the air for them to swing.  The plants which you can see, so green, too much   blossom.  You should try to visit this place.   I recommend that to you.  It’s really a nice place.  It’s the Ambaji, India