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Golden Silence

Praying Time

When we are faced with seemingly impossible problems and conflicts, silence is golden.  It gives God a chance to work in our hearts.  It provides space for anger, bitterness, and hard feelings to subside and mellow.  Most important, it allows us to seek God’s trusting silence, meditation, and prayer, we are ready to move towards conflict resolution.  And often, after this time of “fasting” from words and “feasting” on God’s words, we find that the walls of anger and bitterness come tumbling down.

With Pure Heart

Dhirendra in pure white shirt

Pure white is my shirt.  Color white is a nice color, as it’s a symbol of purity.  Purity in heart is always I wanted.  When there is a pure heart no one will feel sorrow, pain, and  heart aches.  I wish everybody in the world will have a pure heart so there will always peace.

After Morning Walk!

Dhirendra after morning walk

Every morning I see to it that i have my daily routine.  My morning walk.  It’s a good exercise for and and also for the heart.  Burn fats more while walking and at the same time looking at the surroundings while passing by.  Be always your habit to do exercise.  It will keep you fit.

Is this yours?….. wow, you got a big heart?