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India’s 62nd Republican Day


Indian Flag


Happy 62nd Republican Day To all Indian. I am Proud to be an Indian. Jay Hind

Indian Rupee gets a Symbol

Indian Rupee gets a symbol. Congratulations 2 all Indian around world. India joined list of countries whose currencies have a unique identity.

Indian Rupee Symbol


Indian Win Asia Cup

Indian Player

 India did with Asia Cup.  Another pride for India.  (AP Photo)

63rd Independence Day of India


Today, Saturday, August 15, 2009.  India, the world’s biggest democracy, celebrates its 63rd Independence Day.

I am Proud to be an Indian.

Bridge Across the Sea


Look at the this bridge.  It’s beautiful to look at even at night.  I’m sure in day time it is more beautiful.  It’s the first bridge to be built over the sea in India.  This is an eight lane bridge.  It’s good that it was built.  I’m sure many will be happy while they are traveling. It’s very convenient.

Photo courtesy:  3.bp.blogspot

BrahMos Cruise Missile


India Successfully Test Fired BrahMos cruise missile

Entrance to Ambaji Temple


India celebrate 60th Republic Day