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Food Area in Manav Parivar Center @ Kanij

People eating


Thousands of people went to the pilgrims.  Different people, different time they are coming.  Here you can see the food area where village people came.  Manav Parivar provide a center for the people to go there after their pilgrims.  You can see some of the volunteers from Manav Parivar are giving food to them.  As you can see only few people are there as the day is hot.  Most of them preferred to rest in the Manav Parivar center.  And in the evening, people are increasing. 

Free Lunch at Manav Parivar

Free Lunch @ Manav Parivar

Manav Parivar is giving a free lunch to the people of Kanij.  They are not the only one enjoyed the lunch but we are also.  As we are happy to see them happy and to help them in our own way. 



This is on of the food I’d like to eat.  It’s a long process of preparing but when it’s finish, the food tastes good.  You can see that sweets are ready for pilgrims at manav parivar center at Kanij on way to dakor.

Good Purpose



Good morning friends.  I intentionaly took another picture, just for you to take a closer look of the banner.  It was put there in a good way.  We made sure that it will be seen by many who will go there.  Approaching to Dakor at Kanij, Manav parivar started their free food giving.  That place is approximately 30 km from Ahmedabad.   Many who are not Indians can’t read those words there.  It says there …. “Manav Parivar Service Center- well come for food.”

Manav Parivar Free Food Center


Good afternoon friends.  I came from Manav Parivar and I’m back at the office now.  You see the picture there?  We put that banner so that everybody can see it.  Its written in the banner…” Manav Parivar Service Center- well come for food.”  Everybody can go there and can take their food.  That place is at Dakor in Kanij.  It is aroung 30 km from Ahmedabad. It’s in the main highway.   The giving of free food to everyone is on going.