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Safe Forever

Loved One

In our life we will experience sickness, accidents, sorrow, and death.  But we are not on our own.  God is in control.  Many are the sufferings of the good, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.  We can be confident that one day we will be safe with Him forever.

Do you know him?

Good morning friends.  I was looking at the photo album which was kept in my drawer.  I just remeber those days.  Life is so simple and problem free that time.  I thought of a poem which my son showed me.  It’s a nice one.  Let me tell you what the story told. 
The Boy Who Never Told a Lie

Little Boy Dhirendra

Once there was a little boy,
With straight hair and plesant eyes
A boy who always tells the truth
And never, told a lie.
And when he trotted off to school
The children would all cry,
“There goes the straight-haired boy
The boy who never tells a lie.”
And everybody loved him so,
Because he is always true
That every day as he grew up
It was said,
“There goes the honest youth”
And when the people who stood near
Would turn to ask the reason why
The answer would always be this:
“Because he never tells a lie.”
The poem reminds me of myself. I want my two sons to grow and learn the way which I’ve learned from my parents.
Do you know this little boy?

It’s me . . . Dhirendra !


Be a Light



Look at this small light.  If you just ever try to look at it, that light is small and it gives also a small glow.  Big or small this light can do, it still can give radiance. Like in our life, there are some people who can’t help us, but they can give some glow in our life, in its own way.  That’s the important in life.  We don’t need a big light if it will not give us a good life.

Foundation of Life

2Water is the foundation of life

Yet it is also the source of death.

It is a spineless power to contemplate

But a devastating menace to contend with


Water is the bringer of vegetation

For plats and animals for sure

To love and mercy of our Lord and Savior

Is shower that purges our soul.

Photo courtesy:  photobucket

Gabbar, Ambaji