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Patients @ Manav Parivar


Take a few minutes of your time to look at the people.  A well systematic sitting arrangement of patients in a medical camp done every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at Matar

Clean Road lead to Manav Parivar in Matar

Wide Road

The road to the Medical camp where thousands of people from various parts of the country stand in a line and await their turn.  I took the chance to take a picture while there are still no people staying there. 

Case Department at Matar

Night View at Matar


A night view of Case Department at Matar.

Medicine Outlet in Manav Parivar at Matar

Medicine @ Manav Parivar

 Medicines Outlets where all patients are given free medicines at medical camp organize by manavparivar at matar.

Kids @ Manav Parivar

Kids Campus at Matar

Kids Campus– An area dedicated for the kids to let them do creative activity and to bring out positive qualities from them at manavparivar-matar.

Midnight Preparation of Food at Manav Parivar

Volunteers @ Manav Parivar

This is a kitchen are where volunteers are preparing lunch for following day activity.  It will be given to the patients in Manav Parivar for the  medical camp held at Matar every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. It’s midnight that time when these volunteers started  are making Food.

The Crowd

free_medicalcamp_251009 (10)
The Crowd

 This are the people waited patiently for their turn to be diagonose at Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar, done every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.