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Mother Nature-01

Tulip Fields- Mother Nature

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday To Mom


Happy Birthday Mom. My Mom Turn 70 today. We all love you.

Mother Nature

Tulipfields in Holand

Look at Mother Naute. How beautiful she looks here in Tulip Fields in Holand.

Nature at it’s Best


Look at the picture above. I see this tree when I was on my tripe to Ambaji, around 180 km away from my city Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Look the arrangement.  

Nature at it’s Best


Look the picture below. Nature at it’s best outlook. Did you notice the color tone? Something I think does it possible for human to create such colors?

Nature at Matar

Good Evening friends,
Look at the picture below. Picture was taken at 5-30 pm on Sunday, October 12, 2008. It is so lovely evening there.

Look the greenery there. How beautiful! Did you notice the peace too? No words to describe peace over there. It’s just something one can feel over there.