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God's Creation

Loving the nature is like loving our God.  He created everything.  He made the nature for all of us.  We should love and care for the nature.

Morning Light @ Manav Parivar

At Manav Parivar


Nature is a tall tree, swaying and singing in glee. 

Sunlight striking the grass and tree,

That make them grow freely.

Walking Alone

Dhyaan Patel

Little kid Dhyaan was having fun walking in this rice field.  He enjoyed a lot even he is alone.  Walking alone and feeling alone in nature watching will not feel you boredom.  Nature is great.

Little Smile – Passage

Sunset @ Khandala-Lonawala

Mother Nature

Tulipfields in Holand

Look at Mother Naute. How beautiful she looks here in Tulip Fields in Holand.

Wide Farm Field @ Matar

Farm Field @ Matar


Nature is a tall tree, swaying and singing in delight that you can see in the farm field.  Just like a dazzling sea which I always love to see.

Nature can be a flower that needs water, just like a farmet waiting for April shower.

Nature is anything beautiful.  It maybe small but beautiful.  But whatever it may be, it is a God-given creature.  The farm field is one of my favorite nature.

Cool and Shaded Area

A Cool Place to Rest

 It’s a great day to stay in this cool area,  where you can feel the fresh air blowing.  This is the kind of place where I wanted to stay whenever I have my free time.  I love the nature here.