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Dhyaan Patel @ matar

Dhyaan Patel

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-1

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-2

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-3

On A Swing

Being Together

Kids on a swing.  Patel kids enjoyed playing and riding in a swing.  A swing in Kanij.  They love to stay together.

Kids @ Playground

Patel Kids


Fun to play with friends and cousins.  This is how this kids feel with each other. 

Thee Little Kids

Patel Kids

 Even though they are little kid,

They have different dreams,

Good manner and right conduct,

They always did.

Patel Children

Patel's Children


Patel children is posing at the stair to have some photo shot before the start of the dinner.

Shivam and Dhyaan Patel

Sivam and Dhyaan Patel

No amount of money can buy my two precious gem.  The moment they smiled at me, all my tiredness day just pass away easily. 

A Motorbike Ride!

Patel Kids

Patel kids and some playmates were enjoying the motorbike ride.  Kids are having fun to play with all their friends. 

Family Circle



 The Family that Prays Together,

Stays Together