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Food Area in Manav Parivar Center @ Kanij

People eating


Thousands of people went to the pilgrims.  Different people, different time they are coming.  Here you can see the food area where village people came.  Manav Parivar provide a center for the people to go there after their pilgrims.  You can see some of the volunteers from Manav Parivar are giving food to them.  As you can see only few people are there as the day is hot.  Most of them preferred to rest in the Manav Parivar center.  And in the evening, people are increasing. 

The Crowd

free_medicalcamp_251009 (10)
The Crowd

 This are the people waited patiently for their turn to be diagonose at Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar, done every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

A bucket full of food

Buckets of Food

Buckets of Food


A bucket full of food.  This will be given to poor people.  This is the way we help others by sharing what graces which God gave us.  We made sure that it will be in order before we distribute it to the poor.

For many poor people this will help a lot for their at least on meal.  It’s a good feeling to share out what we have.  You can see the faces of each and everyone while accepting what we have for them.  They may not say “thank you”, the smile that they showed was more than the word thank you. 

Free Medical Camp@ manavparivar matar-

at matar

This was taken to Matar.  This people were all waiting to have their turn to give some medications.  There’s a trace in their face that, even their turn will take sometime…still you see the calmness of their faces.  At the end of the day, all of them will have the same happy face.  With the smile of their faces, that’s enough…..or even more than enough for a thank you. 

tied up with charitable work…


I’m helping others to feed the people there.  Even it’s not an easy work thing to do, but still I love to do it.    The way they smiled after giving them the food, it’s nice to see that to their faces.  If I were to asked, there’s an endless time, day, moment that I wanted to do that.  With a simple help, makes it very worthy to others.  I don’t have any tiredness of doing that kind of work.  Everybody was enjoying.  Not only them.  They have their own enjoyment with that, as well as I have my enjoyment of doing things.

Bunch of needy people for a help