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Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-1

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-2

Dhyaan Patel Playing Tabala-3

Happy Kids

Shivam and Dhyaan


They are a child.  A child full of laughter.  Happy they they are,  together.  Love in each other’s company.  Both understand each other even in their own simple way. 😀  That’s the way  they want it to be.

Two Kids in a Motorbike

Shivam and Dhyaan

 Happy kids riding in a motorbike!

Happy together at the door step

Kids at the door step

Shivam and Dhyaan are enjoying their moment being together in the door step.  Very close to each other.

Moment of Silence

Shivam under the tree

Shivam is resting under the tree at Matar.  Cool place to stay with.  Shivam loves to watch birds flying, animals walking around and everything.  Shivam is also a nature lover like me.

A Poem Competition

Shivam Patel in a poem competition

A picture of Shivam when he joined the poem competition.  I am proud to be the father of this smart and intelligent little boy. 

1, 2, 3 . . . . Say cheeseeeeeeeeee!

Dhirendra, Shivam and Dhyaan together