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Little Smile – Passage

Sunset @ Khandala-Lonawala

Goat Smile … Good One!

Good smile

If you just have this kind of smile, then I am ready to take your picture … SMILE! Say cheeseeeeeeeeeeeee!     Got the same smile? …  





Smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

Smiling Goat

Smiling like this, makes your day be in peace! SMILE!

Monday Morning Smile

Good Monday Morning @ the office

A Time . . . . to Smile

Give time to smile! 🙂

A Smile in my heart

Dhirendra's Smiling Face

 Have a great and morning smile! … 🙂

SMILE . . . . from me to all!

Dhirendra Patel in Formal Attire

A Smile in Your Heart

Dhirendra @ the Office

I took a shoot of me to greet you ” A HAPPY DAY ” with a good smile.

Early Morning Smile

Dhiredra Patel in Early Morning Smile

 A morning smile makes your day worthwhile.  Keep on smiling!

With a smile … Dhirendra


Dhirendra Patel

 A day that starts with  a smile …… ends with a smile!  Good day to everyone


Free Medical Camp@ manavparivar matar-

at matar

This was taken to Matar.  This people were all waiting to have their turn to give some medications.  There’s a trace in their face that, even their turn will take sometime…still you see the calmness of their faces.  At the end of the day, all of them will have the same happy face.  With the smile of their faces, that’s enough…..or even more than enough for a thank you. 

The Sun


Each day the sun comes up

And smiles on everyone,

I say to him,

“Good morning, Sun,’

He says to me, “Have some fun!”

Then later in the afternoon

After my work,

The sunshine slowly fades always

I say to him, “Thank you,

Dear Sun, for giving me

A very happy day.”  J