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Shivam’s Volunteering Work

Volunteer Shivam @ Manav Parivar in Matar

These are pictures of Shivam.  He is doing volunteering. He was having an examination in the morning of January 30.  But as he finish his study, he joined with me and did the volunteering.  He helped one of the volunteer there.  He is sweeping that time, while the other volunteers paint some areas there.

A Young Volunteer


You can see a young volunteer, who is doing his work at Manav Parivar.


Dhyaan see to it the he sweep all the dust to make it clean.



Dhyaan is a little scared to step on the stairs but he really wanted to make the place very clean.  So he just reached the dust by laying  on his back.



At last, Dhyaan reached all the dust and dirt.  So he is ready to go to another place where he will again do what he did here.