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Women’s Organization @ Matar

Women’s Organization @ Matar

This was a group of women who help poor people and separated, single, widow women. They give employment to them. They visit the free medical camp and they prepared readymade food like bread, biscuits and others for the distribution to people who went there.  I wish that many of this kind of organization will visit our medical camp service every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

Free Medical Camp@ manavparivar matar-

at matar

This was taken to Matar.  This people were all waiting to have their turn to give some medications.  There’s a trace in their face that, even their turn will take sometime…still you see the calmness of their faces.  At the end of the day, all of them will have the same happy face.  With the smile of their faces, that’s enough…..or even more than enough for a thank you. 

Nice Pink



She loves me, she loves me not!   That’s is usually done by a young lovers.  It’s really nice to think that this kind of nature has a reason to bloom.  It has many things to do.  Like for me, I love to offer flowers to my mother.  Flower is a symbol of woman. 

Life is Struggle for them

Good Morning Friends,

Life is not easy for those women and also kid. They are filtering bricks which are in good condition from that construction debris.