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Happy Uttarayan from Gujarat

Happy Uttarayan to All

from Dhirendra from Gujarat.

May this 2010 1st feastival

bring Happiness to your life. 

I wish you and your family a very

Happy Makar Sankranthi.

Patel Clan Celebrating Kite Festival

Friends and Relatives in 2009 Kite Festival

My relatives and friends all get together for the celebration of Kite Festival.    My friends stayed in our house to celebrate it.  Everybody was trying to fly the kite.  Even the kids were trying it.    We were happy together.  We have some finger foods aftet the flying of the kite.  I took some pictures of everybody.  This are the Patel kids.  They are enjoying the kite festival. 

Family Circle



 The Family that Prays Together,

Stays Together


At Kabir Vad



We leave early morning for a whole day picnic at Kabir Vad.  With all the family togerher, we are making our day good.  Everybody is very happy.  This is me when we just arrive 1 hour ago.  A little bit tiring for driving, but it’s really fun.  It’s a Digenstive Health Day today, so we are more or less celebrating it too.  It’s a good place there and the air is fresh, that’s why everyone are enjoying.

Happy Holi Day



Happy Holi Day

From Dhirendra, Shivam

And the rest member

Of the family !