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Sunlight in the Tree

Big Trees

 Sun that shines the tree in Manav Parivar,Matar.

Mother Nature-01

Tulip Fields- Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Tulipfields in Holand

Look at Mother Naute. How beautiful she looks here in Tulip Fields in Holand.

Good Ambiance


Nature is anything beautiful

The Sun that shines beautifully

The Road that we can pass through

The Trees that gives shade

The Rocks that sits there

The Mountains that gave the good view

It may be just a thing but it gives something

But whatever it may be

It is a God-given creature.

Lots of Green!

Dhirendra Patel_Ambaji Trip_050908 (100)

Look at this green surrounding.  It’s beautiful.  It’s nice to stay there when you want to be alone and think.  So peaceful, so quiet.  The trees were just standing there, waiting to the air for them to swing.  The plants which you can see, so green, too much   blossom.  You should try to visit this place.   I recommend that to you.  It’s really a nice place.  It’s the Ambaji, India

The Bird



The bird sing and fly,

In the clear blue sky

Fly up high,

And greeting them “Hi”


When they get tired

They go to the trees

Where they could rest


And be at peace

If the breeze was lovely

They sang happily

Their voice so lovely and sweet

In the rhythm ‘tweet, tweet, tweet!’

They make kids happy

Especially you and me


Photo courtesy:  coolhdwallpapers

At Kabir Vad


When we arrived the place, one of my nephew take Dhyaan near the carabao.  As you can see he is not afraid of that animal.  He is just staring at it.  Having pleasure to see those animals.



When we first arrive the place, I went around looking at the place.  And really it was nice.  I saw the carabaos (kind of animals that used by the farmers to plant rice) under the tree.  They are just standing there.  that’s why I did take a nice shot of them.



Not far from the tree where the carabaos was staying, I have my picture taken there.  The sun shines bright, that’s why I wear that hat.  The other picture was taken just before few steps near that trees.  The thing there at my back is a dried leaves of a coconut tree which they made like a design, instead of a stone or brick.  Cool Place.



This is the River Narmada.  It’s a quiet place, where people are living.  It’s a big river.  And as you notice even the water were quiet.  It’s a good thing to watch.  You got to see for yourself.


Nature (Trees)



Nature is like a tall tree

Swaying and singing in glee

When you look at it

It’s just like a dazzling sea

Which I always love to see.