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Golden Silence

Praying Time

When we are faced with seemingly impossible problems and conflicts, silence is golden.  It gives God a chance to work in our hearts.  It provides space for anger, bitterness, and hard feelings to subside and mellow.  Most important, it allows us to seek God’s trusting silence, meditation, and prayer, we are ready to move towards conflict resolution.  And often, after this time of “fasting” from words and “feasting” on God’s words, we find that the walls of anger and bitterness come tumbling down.

Praying People

Peoople praying @ Manav Parivar

Peoople praying and thanking God for everythng @ Manav Parivar.

Prayer and Candlelights

Candlelights for the Victims

Tribute to victims of 26/11.  Pray for you.

Divine Man


New Year Group Prayer-2008




More than 300 people gather for New Year prayer @ manav parivar in the morning on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.